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Higher Ground uses living history of Corinne Farmiga. The movie starts slow and not picks up much speed. We see Corinne’s childhood home life her introduction to Christianity her intellectual interest her relationship in a young age and finally her coming to God time. That is all before we eventually get to view Corinne as an adult and her whole dedication to Christianity. While everything within the first act is not unnecessary it could happen to be reduced and much more creatively described. Religion is a tricky topic. It is very simple to fake it or to preach it. But an honest exploration of trust requires total commitment as well as a willingness to permit nonbelievers scoff as well as the holier than thou scorn. Vera Farming’s directorial debut Higher Ground handles the extraordinary job of fully committing to its characters’ faith. However it never turns that commitment into a rewarding experience. Despite an earnest method of the Religious religion Farmiga never sees something interesting to mention about it.

The picture picks up a little bit of steam but cannot maintain its pace as we see Corinne’s living being a devout Christian. Watching Corinne go through the paces of her Religious life is interested but Farmiga does not seem to learn what is worthwhile in what is not and the history. There are some jokes from the oddities of her Evangelical faith but almost everything is presented so matter of proven fact that there seldom appears to be much pleasure in Christianity. When Corinne declares her desire to communicate in tongues so she could be closer to God it is an excellent moment since the picture rarely displays the love from these people who love Jesus. To its excellent credit Higher Floor never thumbs it nose at trust which is extremely amazing. The picture has got the potential to be something special because it makes no judgment about its characters’ dedication.

It concerns their discriminatory practices and close mindedness but it nurtures their complete belief in God and the Devil as physically real organizations which can be called upon and struggled in one’s daily problems. But Higher Floor never joins the faith of its people to something grander. There is even much of an emotional connection or no deep observations. It is not a film that is about major tasks and it is obvious that Farmiga is actively creating a selection to not get large except in short bizarre fantasy free documentaries feel like a comic crutch and that is great if you have got depth or difficulty simmering under the area. Higher Ground has been divine however the Farming’s and history direction seldom find a way to raise the film’s heart. It is hard to identify Warren Miller’s Higher Ground. All of Warren’s movies possess a mix of amazing skiing and interesting accessories mixed in. This one seemingly has more focus on the leisure than some other of the shows I have seen.

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